Terms of Sales



Company Identification :

These conditions of sale are applicable to all contracts concluded between, on the one hand, FL Watch acting under the supervision of Leather Goods whose head office is 25 Rue des couturelles, 77730 Saacy sur Marne, registered in the register of businesses and Meaux companies under SIRET number 844985678100016 hereinafter referred to as "the seller" and, on the other hand, any person wishing to make a purchase via the seller's website, hereinafter referred to as "the buyer".

Contact: contact@fl-watch.com

We mean by:

Buyer: any natural person having reached the age of majority and having full legal capacity or, at default, the legal representative of that person. In the latter case, the legal representative is bound to respect these general conditions.
Consumer: any natural person who acquires or uses for purposes excluding any professional or commercial nature of the products placed on the market.
Professional buyer : any natural or legal person not falling within the definition of consumer mentioned in the previous paragraph.


Article 1: Object :

These conditions of sale aim to define the contractual relationship between the seller and the buyer as well as the conditions applicable to any purchase made through the seller's website.
By accepting the order confirmation via our website, the buyer expressly acknowledges having read these general conditions, understood them and accepted them, it being understood that any order for a product via our website implies consultation and express acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

The provisions which are not expressly derogated from remain in force. Only exemptions which are the subject of a written agreement on our part may modify the application of these general conditions. The seller nevertheless reserves the right to modify its general conditions at any time. The conditions applicable to the order are those in force at the time of its confirmation.
In the event of conflict between the general conditions of our co-contractors and ours, it is agreed that only the latter shall prevail.

Article 2: Order

Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, the products and/or services offered are those which appear in the catalog published on our website on the day of the order, within the limits of available stocks.

Each product is accompanied by a description drawn up by the seller on the basis of the description provided by the supplier. The photographs of the products in the catalog reflect a faithful image of the products and services offered but are not contractual insofar as they cannot ensure a perfect similarity with the physical products.

In order to validly place an order , the buyer must:

complete the identification form or give his customer number if he has one;
complete the online order form giving all the references of the products or services chosen;
validate his order after having checked it;
acknowledge having read and accepted these general conditions;
make payment under the conditions provided;
confirm his order and payment .

The sale is deemed to be perfect upon confirmation of the order by the seller.
No shipment of merchandise will be made without confirmation of the order and receipt of full payment thereof.
< br> Products and services are offered in s the limit of available stocks. In case of unavailability of an item, the seller will inform the buyer by email as soon as possible. They will be able to choose between waiting (in the event of temporary unavailability) or canceling the order for unavailable items free of charge.


Article 3: delivery - transport:

The seller undertakes to make deliveries of the available items ordered no later than 30 working days of confirmation of the order. Delivery of the product (s) ordered takes place at the address given by the customer when ordering.
In the event of sale to a professional, transport is at the buyer's risk.
When the goods are delivered, the buyer checks whether the products ordered correspond. In the event of an item missing, damaged or not corresponding to the order placed, the buyer is invited to contact customer service by email at contact@fl-watch.com.

When the item does not correspond not or is damaged, the buyer is required to return it to us within 60 days of receipt of the said good by requesting either the exchange of the good or its refund. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Depending on the case, the seller reserves the right to reimburse in the form of a voucher.


Article 4: Prices

The prices of the products and services displayed on the site are indicated in euros all taxes included (VAT and other applicable taxes).
The prices indicated do not include transport costs, these being subject to a separate item when ordering. They may nevertheless be offered depending on the type of delivery or any promotional periods.
The seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. However, the prices applicable to the order are those in force at the time of its confirmation.
The seller reserves the right to reflect changes in the VAT rate on his prices. which would occur before the delivery date.


Article 5: Geographical areas

The online sale of the products and services presented on the seller's site is reserved for buyers from French territory and for deliveries required in this geographical area.


Article 6: Terms of payment

The online sale of the products and services presented on the seller's site is reserved for buyers worldwide and for deliveries required in this geographical area.


Article 7: Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the law, the consumer has the right to notify the seller that he renounces his purchase, without penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 clear days from the day after the day of delivery of the goods or of the conclusion of the service contract. This right of renunciation does not belong to the professional buyer.

The consumer is informed that he cannot make use of his right of withdrawal in the following cases (Commercial Code):

- supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;
- supply of goods liable to deteriorate or expire quickly;
- supply of sealed goods that cannot be returned for reasons of protection health or hygiene and which have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery.

After this period, the consumer must notify his decision to withdraw by means of an unambiguous declaration either by e-mail to the following address contact@fl-watch.com, or by mail to the address of our head office. social as mentioned above. In the event of withdrawal, the seller will refund all payments received from the buyer, including delivery costs but not return and without undue delay.
Return costs are the responsibility of the buyer and the goods travel At his own risk.
The good must be returned in its original packaging, accompanied by all its accessories, the user manual and must not have been the subject of any degradation other than that resulting from the handling necessary to establish its nature, characteristics. and proper functioning.
The seller reserves the right to proceed only with a partial refund if it turns out that the returned good has been damaged or is incomplete.


Article 8: Legal guarantee

The buyer acting for private purposes benefits from the legal rights in force on the day of the order relating to the protection of consumers in the event of the sale of consumer goods.
In accordance with the Civil Code, the consumer is required to inform the seller of the existence of a lack of conformity within two months from the day on which the consumer noticed the defect.
For second-hand goods, the warranty period is one year from the date of delivery of the goods.
This warranty only covers any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the goods. Defects or damage due to misuse, such as water damage, oxidation, drop or shock, neglect and wear and tear, are not covered by the warranty. Likewise, repairs carried out by technicians not approved by our services will void the warranty.
The invoice or the delivery slip serves as a guarantee and must be kept by the consumer and the product in original.
The professional purchaser benefits from the guarantee of the manufacturer.

Article 9: After-sales service

For all questions and comments concerning possible breakages during delivery, loss of products or defective products, please contact the after-sales service at contact@fl-watch.com.

Article 10: Refund

The refund will be made no later than 60 working days following the date of receipt of the goods subject to the withdrawal request or following the date of receipt of proof of the return of said goods. The refund will be made to the account through which the order was paid.


Article 11: Responsibilities

The seller, in the online sales process, is only bound by an obligation of means. It cannot be held liable for damage resulting from the use of the Internet network and online payment such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, interruption of service, or other involuntary problems.

Data included on the site are communicated in good faith. The links offered to the sites of manufacturers and/or partners are given for information only and have no contractual value. The seller cannot be held responsible for information from these sites.

The buyer is responsible for the choice and use of the product delivered by the seller. He certifies that he is 18 years old when ordering. The seller declines all responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information communicated to him by the buyer.

Article 12: Intellectual property

This site as well as its texts, drawings, photos, illustrations, possible films, data, databases, software, domain names, logos and any other element appearing therein are protected by intellectual property rights. Any copying, adaptation, translation, arrangement and/or modification, in whole or in part, in any form and by any means - electronic, mechanical or otherwise - is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of FL Watch. Any breach of this clause may result in civil, commercial and/or criminal proceedings.


Article 13: Personal data and cookies

The customer is informed that the personal data collected and processed in connection with his file are strictly confidential. These data are collected and collected for statistical purposes, accounting and good management of his file.
The customer is informed that if he does not provide us with the exact data, this may hinder the smooth running of the ordering process. If the data has been provided to us incorrectly or inaccurately, we can in no way be held responsible.

The data collected are: Last name, first name, email address, mailing address, phone number if there is one.

The personal data communicated by the customer is managed by the data controller to be contacted via contact @ fl-watch.com.
These data are kept for a period of 12 months. Once the period has elapsed, the accounting data is archived and the other data is erased.

In accordance with regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of data as well as in accordance with the law of December 8 1992 relating to the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, the customer has a right of access to the data as well as a right of rectification (contact information mentioned in the preamble of this document). He may also object to this data being used for purposes unrelated to those of the proper management of his file, if applicable.

For any questions relating to your rights regarding your personal data, do not hesitate to contact the person responsible for processing your data.

FL Watch undertakes to implement all appropriate and reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of customer data. In this regard, he undertakes an obligation of means.

Article 14: Settlement of disputes

The present conditions of on-line sale are subjected to the French laws.

The purchaser acting for private purposes has the possibility in the event of litigation to lodge a request near the Registrar of the competent court of his department. br>
However, we reserve the right to submit any possible dispute exclusively to the competent courts. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the head office of the seller are competent, unless legally binding provisions to the contrary.

Article 15: saving clause

The invalidity, non-applicability or illegality of one of the clauses provided for in one of the contracts agreed between the parties (specific and general conditions or other agreements), does not entail the invalidity or nullity of the other provisions. to the contract. All of the clauses remain fully valid.

Article 16: Duration

These conditions apply throughout the duration of the order, our services and the delivery of goods as well as all relations between the customer and FL Watch.