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FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | Our actions

Because our priority is to protect nature and its ecosystem, we take action every day to reduce our ecological footprint, improve living conditions on earth and replant our forests.

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | We plant 1 tree

For each product sold we plant 1 tree

In collaboration with Reforest'Action , we replant 1 tree for each product sold. Wooden Watch , Wooden Bracelet , Box, Maintenance product and it does not matter its selling price. We support Reforest'Action programs all over the world and thus allow the creation of new wood and new forest.

We do this to help make the world a better place for our children. It has been proven that by planting a certain type of tree in very specific regions it is beneficial for its ecosystem and for its inhabitants..

FL Watch Official ® | Wooden watch | Our actions

The use of wood as the main material

By choosing wood as the main component of our products, we are choosing to opt for a sustainable material. Scientists and researchers around the world all agree that its life cycle has a positive impact on CO2 emissions, water quality and the environment in general. / p>

The energy required to make and design objects made of wood is much less than that of steel or metal. Thus, FL Watch products consume far less energy than comparable products made of steel, metal, plastic, silicone, etc.

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | Wood, the main material

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | Our actions

FL Watch Official ®| Wooden watch | Green delivery

Reduced CO2 emissions thanks to our system

We do not think that we should "offset" our CO2 emissions like other companies do by donating astronomical sums to associations to look good. Because the damage is already done and no "Compensation" will be able to erase what has already been done.

On the other hand, we believe that action must be taken at the source of the problem. We also make all our products to order. This allows us to work without stock. This considerably reduces journeys and therefore CO2 emissions.

This is how FL Watch concretely acts for nature.

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